November 28

McGlinn Fields and Bookstore Basketball Courts

Visit McGlinn Fields and the Bookstore Basketball Courts with the Director of Campus Ministry, Rev. Pete McCormick, C.S.C.

“The fields are a reminder to me that so many of the blessings of life are given to us freely out of God’s abundance with the hopes that we might use them as we seek to live joy-filled lives. Its location and surroundings are a constant source of inspiration!”

As we prepare for the coming of our Lord this Advent, how can we better recognize those not-so-obvious blessings in our own backyards and, in turn, hold those places more sacred?



  1. Father Pete is the best. I have met he and his family on campus and of course, going to any men’s basketball game he is there. Such a friendly and welcoming person. What a way to start off the Advent season, but with Father Pete.

  2. Another Advent journey begins. I am so thankful for these reflections from Faith ND. I look forward each day to these sacred places.

  3. Thank you so much for creating this series again this year. I look forward to it all fall. This is a perfect beginning. My daughter lived in McGlinn and loved Father Pete. God bless the Notre Dame family.

  4. Thank you so much for these videos of Sacred Places, this is my 3rd Advent of receiving them. What a Blessing!

  5. This is so true!!! Many of our greatest blessings surround us each and everyday if we take the time to notice🌹

  6. I opened this message with some cynicism about what I could possibly be taught . To my surprise I was inspired by the simplicity of the message, as I looked out and appreciated anew my own view of another of God’s creations, the flowing water of a river that nourishes us in many ways, and the trees and birds that I sometimes forget to notice. I feel gratitude that this priest is there to guide, comfort, and inspire others to notice the glory of God’s presence.

  7. This brings back memories of the old Bookstore Basketball courts and all the great players that played in the tournament.

  8. We thoroughly enjoy the daily ND readings and reflections. The Sacred places on campus are a blessed addition during Advent. Thank you.

  9. What a great reflection. I miss the wonderful homilies that often made me take pause and give thanks. This reminds me to stop and appreciate what life offers. Thank you!

  10. This reflection made me stop and think that I often miss God’s presence in the ordinary comings and goings of my life – thanks for the inspiration to stop and be aware.

  11. Thank you Fr. Pete for the reminder to celebrate God in simple things and everyday moments. Nature is God’s canvas where he creates snapshots in time of what heaven must be like. I can’t wait to be inspired tomorrow.

  12. I find this series so beautiful and now look forward to it each Advent. I did not attend ND but this series makes feel like I did and so wish I had. Happy Advent!

  13. During our daughters 4 years at Norte Dame. I so looked forward to the spring and fall pickup and drop off. Those weekends of exploring the “Sacred Places” on campus not only inspired my faith. But, instilled in me a comfort that “Our Lady”was caring for, nourishing & protecting our daughter as she made her way into the world. This Sacred Places series for me is a remembrance of that comfort and joy.

  14. Thank you Fr. Pete for kicking off this years Advent series and reminding us to look for our Lord’s blessings in our surroundings!

  15. I love this reminder, during a pandemic that has so many of us staying very close to home, to look around us and “hold these places more sacred.” We can all be better at recognizing the sacred in the everyday.

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