December 9

Duncan Student Center Confessional

Enter into an unexpected sacred space with Assistant Director of Pastoral Care Outreach Rev. Joe Corpora, C.S.C., as he brings the sacraments to the students of Notre Dame.

“When I come to this room, I quiet myself down in preparation to hear confessions and to reunite those seeking reconciliation into God’s unconditional mercy and grace. At this moment I am able to help each student more fully accept God’s relentless forgiveness. Being with the students in this way is a great and wonderful blessing for me. It is to journey with them on their path towards holiness. The short time each week I have to celebrate the sacrament of reconciliation in this simple room is a gift.”

In this season of Advent, how we can serve those around us as a representative of Christ’s mercy and grace in the everyday surroundings where we may find ourselves?



  1. Thank you Father. Finding Christ’s grace and mercy in the simplest places had been my prayer this Advent. Your message is proof that you can indeed experience His grace and love anywhere.

  2. Confession is the gift from Christ that is perhaps hardest for us to accept. Maybe the difficulty lies in our returning time and again and then failing again afterward in sin. The daily conversion that makes our relationship with God real is questioned so thoroughly by our failed confessions. Today’s sacred place has a deep, universal call.

  3. Thank you for high-lighting how we can find the sacred in small, ordinary places and situations. This is the reality for most of us. God bless!

  4. Thank you Father for your spiritual insights & your service to the Notre Dame community. Patrick ND ‘72.

  5. Thank you Fr Joe, how ironic that this day 47:yrs ago Tiffany was born. God bless you and all of holy cross 🙏

  6. Father Joe, great video. My daughter is a ND graduate. I remember you well from your times here in the Diocese of Phoenix. I was with you when you dressed up as the Holy Father and surprised Bishop O’Brien. It is great to see that you continue your ministry. Warmest regards, Ernie Calderon, Phoenix

  7. Beautiful message, Fr. Joe!
    Your smile at the end is a refreshing reminder of the peace & tranquility that can be found in the simplest places, when we are in union with our Father. Happy Holidays!

  8. Fr. Joe-
    Beautiful reflection on your sacred place! How true it is that we find God’s presence in the simple, the unexpected, and the Sacraments. Reconciliation is such a moment of tremendous humility and grace for me as a priest, as I stand (well, usually sit), in the person of Jesus. I’ve learned Anywhere can be a place of grace. Hope you are well! We met at the SPI through ACE at ND in 2014.

  9. Fr. Joe,

    It is good to see your always happy face! I graduated from ND in 1985 and fondly remember you teaching the Spanish class I reluctantly was taking at the time. Of all the professors I had at my time there, you were the one that had the greatest impact and the one that I have the fondest memories of! Merry Christmas!!

    Sincerely, Michael Colgan, class of 85

  10. Nice to see this sacrament is made convenient to stop by.
    The following words from above will be my meditation now and in the future:
    ” those seeking reconciliation into God’s unconditional mercy and grace. At this moment I am able to help each student more fully accept God’s relentless forgiveness.”

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