December 6

Locker Room at Notre Dame Stadium

Suit up in the locker room of Notre Dame Stadium with Josh Lugg, graduate student offensive lineman for the Fighting Irish.

“Putting on my knee braces, pants, pads, jersey and cleats can be a process, but it gives me time to mentally rest and spend time with God before flipping that switch to a fearless, competitive mindset. In a similar way, just as I have strengthened my relationship with God here, it is also a place for me to build relationships with my teammates.”

As we prepare for the birth of our Lord this Advent season, where are our places of preparation? How do they strengthen our courage and perseverance to take on the daily work we are given, so that we may glorify God in all that we do?



  1. The world is in good hands with young leaders such as Josh. God will be with us wherever we go.
    Thanks Josh!

  2. Well said and a great reminder that we can take the time to focus on God in our daily life as we walk the path of Advent.

  3. I love this!! Perfectly said!
    This is a wonderful testimony to how you live your life!
    And I LOVED seeing the locker room!!

    Thank you for sharing this!

  4. Thanks Josh for sharing a moving & powerful statement. Good luck in Glendale AZ❗️☘️🏈 Patrick ND ‘72.

  5. I wouldn’t have thought that the ND football locker room as a sacred place, but Josh makes a very good case. I’m inspired by Josh’s ability to meditate there and to focus his thoughts. Good luck to you in the Fiesta Bowl and throughout your life.

  6. May God continue to bless you and keep you healthy and safe. You are a credit to your family and Notre Dame. As a fellow Domer, I wish you luck in your future endeavors.

  7. Thank you Josh for sharing your thoughts. Congratulations on a very successful season and all the best for continued success in the Fiesta Bowl and throughout your life.

  8. Josh, this is so inspiring! Thank you for reminding us that everything we do can glorify the Lord if we do it in the right way and with the right attitude. GO IRISH!

  9. Bette Jo, my wife, and I were fortunate to have visited the locker room and the field when I was last on campus for my 60th reunion in 2011. Notre Dame is much more than football, a top academic fountainhead. But Rockne and football did put Our Lady’s university on the map. Godspeed.

  10. Originally thought- a locker room is sacred? Only at ND where football maintains such a focus. Must admit, cynical first impression.
    Mr. Lugg changed that misperception and taught me much in his three minutes. Appreciate it. Tim S

  11. Thank you Josh this made me examine the ways that I can prepare myself each day to be the best Child of God that I can be

  12. Josh, what a strong, good, big message! Your heart and mind are strong. All the best of this season to you and yours!
    Beat OSU!!!

    Bill ’73

  13. This is indeed a sacred place for me as well. You can sense the reverence and presence of God just by being in the room, but more than that, the living Body of Christ makes God present within the team itself.

  14. Thanks for your testimony, Josh! May God continue to bless you, keep you, and make His face to shine upon you. (Numbers 6:24-26)

  15. Josh, thank you for reminding me of the Sacredness of Our Locker Room! We played from’64 to ‘66! Ara and staff’s first years. As we dressed for games ( same as you do) we’d reflect on the mission at hand, our duties, and before Ara spoke we’d ask Our Lord but especially His Mom-Our Lady- to guide us and give us the strength to do Her Will! After all, it’s Her University- and we need to treat Her right!!
    Harry Alexander, ‘66 National Championship Football Team
    Go Irish ☘️
    Win the Fiesta Bowl

  16. Would never have thought of the locker room as a sacred place. Thank you, Josh, for your insight, faith and courage!

  17. An earlier video this advent focused on PRAYER IS PAYING ATTENTION. I took this to mean that everything we do and are is prayer. My Mom( mother of 14 children…me the oldest) once shared that everything she did was a prayer. I think this tied in with the Morning Offering prayer. So, it does not surprise me that the locker room can be a very sacred place.
    I am reminded that Joe Theisman had a very specific sequence in which he “dressed” for a football game. I believe(and so do some quantum physicists and healers) that a process like this helps create a space for “success.”
    Thank you Josh, Molly Duffy and all other for making this advent series available. It is yet an undiscovered jewel for alumni and others.
    In appreciation and love.

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