December 5

Lewis Hall Rector Apartment

Daniela De Ciantis, rector of Lewis Hall, invites us into her dorm apartment to learn about the sanctity of hospitality.

“Hospitality is an important calling of the Christian life, and my apartment allows me to live that out in a particular way. Whether it is hosting guests for a meal, leading a hall staff meeting, or sitting in prayer with and for my residents, I try to let my demeanor and this space reflect the inherent worthiness of each person who visits.”

As we prepare for Jesus’ coming at Christmas, how can we ready the dwelling of our hearts, making a home for him and ensure that we are ready to receive him with hospitality and joy?



  1. Beautiful, Daniela, thank you. I have 2 male students, and I know they have benefited from their rectors’ ministry.

  2. Thank you for sharing. My eldest daughter was a Lewis girl and made many life long friends there, I will forward this reflection to her.

  3. Thank you Daniela for your spiritual support & service to Notre Dame women. One of the best decisions the University made in admitting women in 1973. Patrick ND ‘72

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