December 4

Leighton Concert Hall

Lift your voice with Tim Purnell, a senior engineering student, as he reflects on his connection to Leighton Concert Hall and his time as a member of the Glee Club.

“I often feel delighted by our songs, by which I mean I experience an ineffable feeling of joy when singing them. Though I first learned these songs in my secular high school choir, it wasn’t until later I realized they were Mass settings and Marian devotions. Now when I sing them, I feel my own Mass-going experience is enhanced, but I also feel a connection to the sacred no matter the setting. When I sing, I sing to the glory of God, whether it is in the Basilica or in DPAC [DeBartolo Performing Arts Center].”

In this season of Advent, how can we nurture our own spiritual edification and find delight in the ways in which we connect with God?



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