December 4

Founder’s Plaque

Kathleen Sprows Cummings, Director of the Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism, invites us to the Founder’s Plaque outside the Log Chapel.

“The full letter of December 5, 1842, reveals that immediately after sketching his vision for Notre Dame, Fr. Sorin asks his superior to reassign him, to send him to live among local, indigenous peoples. He wrote of his love for the Potawatomi … As we grapple with how to acknowledge that we teach and learn on the traditional homelands of the Potawatomi, it’s good to bear in mind how close these people were to our founder’s heart at this decisive moment in our history.”

During Advent, how can we trust in the God who knows us better than we do and find the courage to answer God’s call?



  1. This Daily Advent “journey” around the campus truly brings tears to my eyes as it reminds me of why Notre Dame (40 years later) is still so special to me. Thank you for “the reminder”.

  2. Extremely well said. I appreciate the reminders of God’s call for us, if we only listen, to do more than we think possible.

  3. I look forward to the Native American connection becoming even more of a celebrated reality in the new history we lay daily at Notre dame today! Grateful to God for this place, it’s founders, and it’s continued opportunities to be a “force for good” for ALL God’s people!

    1. While I love each of these readings, I found yours to be especially meaningful. It brought to light history I hadn’t appreciated. Thank you.

  4. Notre Dame’s campus is truly a special place that Fr. Sorin founded. I thank God that I was born into this faith and have treasured it for 76 years. Every time I look at Our Lady on the Golden Dome , my heart swells and a tear comes to my eye for being so blest to love this place and believe in Her having a hand in making this such a special treasure. “Love thee Notre Dame”.

  5. Wonderful reflection Kathleen! Thank you for reminding us that God places amazing things on the other side of fear.
    God’s blessings upon you this Advent Season.

  6. What we know as the Holy Spirit, I believe, is The Great Spirit. My personal relationship with Jesus Christ is founded on that personal desire for salvation. In thanksgiving, I praise God for what many people have done before me to make my pathway to God’s heart so blessed. The University of Notre Dame is sacred to me because the Lord grants us mercy and fullness of redemption. Thank you and bless you Fr. Sorin, CSC, for this great, spirited place.

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