December 3

Purcell Pavilion at the Joyce Center

Join Charity McDowell, a sophomore and science pre-professional major from Indianapolis, as she brings her faith to the courts on the Notre Dame volleyball team.

“To me, this is home, the place where my team and I work together as we strive toward our goal of excellence. Every day, we show up to improve and compete, but doing so as one team. These are lifelong friendships that we are building on this court, and that is very special to me. In a similar way, this place also allows me to strengthen my relationship with God.”

As we celebrate this Advent season, consider the places in your lives where you spend the most time. How can we transform these places, however familiar they might be, into our own places of prayer, so that we may glorify God in all that we do?


  1. Each reflection is so personal & sincerely offered. Thanks to each one who has offered a reflection so far…. and to others yet to come. You have enriched me & many others, no doubt.
    Blessings for the rest of Advent… Sr. Maureen McDonnell, O.P.
    (Master’s in Communication Arts, 1976)

  2. How wonderful it would be if we evolved to be sufficiently present to transform where we must spend time into places of prayer. Very inspirational. Thank you!
    Annie J ‘78

  3. Thank you for sharing. I like how you spoke out transforming spaces where we spend parts of our lives into sacred places.

  4. What a beautiful reflection, seeing God on the volleyball court and through your teammates. Charity, you are a real credit to Notre Dame and everything the university represents.

  5. I love that she said she is a “non-denominal Christian”. Let’s reach out to all Christians and all peoples.

  6. Our prayers and God’s blessings be upon you ,Charity
    We hold that venue as holy also since the years 1980- 89,
    Our 4 children were students there before it was named
    Purcell. We have attended many masses, commencements,
    Dances, sports, & prep rallies there.
    All for the greater honor and glory of God.
    Frank and Marilyn Woidat. 53’

  7. Charity. You are wise beyond your years. Thank you for reminding us that we all have opportunities for prayer and worship consistently throughout our days. I am proud to have you as a representative of the future of this country

  8. Such a beautiful reflection on finding God in the place find ourselves most often. Thank you Charity, for sharing your awareness of Christ in your everyday life.

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