December 23

Sundial at Jordan Hall of Science

Find your true north with junior biological sciences major Isabella Gomez as she shares what guides her moral compass.

“When I pass by here on my way to class each week, I can sit on the benches that surround the sundial and compass and reflect on my ‘Whys’ — why I came to Notre Dame, why I chose to study living systems and organisms, why I want to pursue medicine, and why I want to dedicate my life to serving others, for God. For me, this is the place where faith and science merge to guide me in all of my endeavors.”

As we celebrate this Advent season, how can we reflect on our own “Whys” and pursue them in a way that both deepens our relationship with God and our understanding of the world around us?



  1. Love this Isabella, and the JH of Science and the Rose Compass/sundial!
    I have totally felt that spirit of sacred peace and centeredness at this location on campus.
    Also, our son is a pre-med senior domer in the College of Science w/a minor in CC in M!
    Best of luck ☘️ to you in pursuit of all your dreams.

  2. What a wonderful message! So glad you be serving at Volunteers in Medicine in Hilton Head with the SSLP this summer! You will truly enjoy serving here.

  3. I only understood about 1/10th of what you said (I’m an accountant), but I was amazed to hear that one of the basic molecules of human life is shaped like a cross. I’ve walked by Jordan Hall many times without realizing that those two “crosses” were actually scientific modules.
    However, I was most impressed by your faith and dedication to human life. May God bless you in all your endeavors as you proceed on your journeys.

  4. Wow! You are wise beyond your years!! You have a great perspective on the world and life!! I thank God for the opportunity ND has to cultivate these magnificent minds and bring forth a depth of understanding of the true meaning of life.

  5. Thank you Isabella for sharing this totally cool Sun Dial. It is brilliant minds and faithful hearts like yours that give the World hope. Best of luck in your studies and career. Patrick ND ‘ 72☘️

  6. Amazing reflection Isabella. A good reminder that it is not faith OR science. You will do well in life with your focus and inspire others along the way. Blessings to you.

  7. Isabella-what an amazing reflection. Thank you for sharing:). You will be a very special doctor someday, and you are obviously a very special person today. Merry Christmas and God bless!

  8. It is for the presence of students like you that make me so proud of Notre Dame. Thanks for the uplifting reflection.

  9. Isabella,
    Students like you are why I love ND and why I continue to contribute every year.

    Brian Richardson ND ’63

  10. Thank you, Isabella, for so beautifully expressing what so many of us know in our hearts. Faith and science are not enemies; they are perfectly intertwined. May God bless you abundantly as you pursue your North and guided by your center.

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