December 22

St. Charles Borromeo Chapel in Alumni Hall

Join, Fr. Gerry Olinger, C.S.C., Vice President for Student Affairs, for prayer and community in St. Charles Borromeo Chapel.

“The stone work and wood carvings inside the chapel lend beauty to the space, almost as a type of prayer that continues to be present and give it life. This is the spiritual home of our hall community, one to which I feel deeply connected.”

In this season of Advent, we anticipate soon hearing those familiar words, “all is calm, all is bright.” And so, I ask you, where do you find those calm and bright sacred places in your life?



  1. Somewhere in His glorious creation, the majesty and glory of Almighty God will be made known to you. Keep Watch. You will be filled with His Love.

  2. Thank you Notre Dame for keeping the Alumni Hall chapel original and pristine, the best chapel on campus to me. The 10 PM Sunday night dorm masses were an unforgettable part of my experience in Alumni from 1974 to 1978. It looks just the same, and I love how carefully it is maintained by the University. May this chapel continue to bring solace and peace to all current and future Alumni men. Christmas greetings to all!

  3. Calm and bright .. I look to the people in my life and those in the space adjacent to my life. It is in moments shared with them … regardless of the space, that peace and joy can be found. I pray for everyone seeking calm and bright, to find these today and each day leading to Christmas!

  4. “Where do I find the beautiful places in my life?” That is a good question and something I’ve never reflected on. Obviously, I don’t have a chapel like the one in Alumni Hall, so I’m going think about Fr. Gerry’s question. His reflection is a reminder that we can create a meaningful spiritual place in our homes and in our lives.

  5. I have slipped into the chapel every visit back to Notre Dame and Alumni for the same search for solitude peace prayer and remembrance. Thank you for the reminder.

  6. My son currently resides in Alumni and he also finds the chapel a place of peace and beauty. He benefits from the presence of Holy Cross priests in the dorm who also bring calm and light. Thank you, Fr. Jerry, for your ministry to the young men of Alumni.

  7. Thank you Father for this beautiful reflection. I have discovered that the areas of calm and bright present themselves daily if I open my heart and I am mindful in seeking them.

  8. As I viewed this video I had a warm reflection on the past taking me back in time a long, long time ago to when I was a student at Notre Dame for the MBA degree in seeing the Alumni Hall chapel. At the time as I recall Alumni Hall was one of three graduate student halls on campus, Bronson, Lewis being the other two. Bronson was recently torn down to make way for a new building and Lewis is an undergraduate dorm. I had MBA Classmate friends in all three and visited each dorm often. On snowy and cold winter evenings in January and February I would occasionally play basketball in a coed MBA pick-up basketball game on Tuesday evenings with members of my class on the basketball court within the Alumni Hall in addition to the chapel, the court as I recall was open to 11 PM each night. And I recall praying and connecting to God in this chapel as seen in this video. I wish each of you viewing this video and reading this message a Christmas gift of relaxation, peace, love and reflection in finding your peace in your lives and with God. This chapel and dorm are just one of many reasons why Notre Dame is such a special place. Jennifer Batt MBA Class of 1975

  9. Thank you Fr Gerry for sharing the beautifully spiritual Alumni Hall chapel. Peace be with you. Patrick ND ‘ 72☘️

  10. Sorry to all the current and former residents of Alumni Hall regarding my message of 12-22 above, as I was going to bed last night and thinking about the message I had left it came to me that the Hall that had the basketball court was Carroll Hall at the west end of St. Mary’s lake near US 31 and it was the 3rd graduate dorm, not Alumni Hall, my error, lets call it a senior moment 🙂 in any event to one and all, have a Blessed Christmas.
    Fr. Gerry Olinger your message was beautiful.

  11. My home parish is St. Charles Borromeo in Dayton, the same as my “parish” from 1966 to 1970, when I had the privilege to reside in “The Center of the Universe Since 1931.” For two years I lived only a few feet from the Chapel. I am awed that it was chosen as a holy and sacred place, because in the pictures and in person, it is the same sacred place I experienced years ago. Thank you, Father Gerry for the beautiful reflections.

  12. Thank you Fr. Gerry for that beautiful reflection. I’ve been to the Alumni Hall chapel and it does exude peace and comfort. I also remember your wonderful homily at the Basilica on the Sunday after the Navy game. Notre Dame is a wonderful place. It’s even better with you there. Have a blessed Christmas and new year.

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