December 21

Ricci Family Fields

March on the Ricci Family Fields with sophomore ND Marching Band member Nico Dinglasa and feel the camaraderie that comes with a shared purpose.

“So whether it is band rehearsal, a club sport, or a dorm event, to me, these fields represent friendship and camaraderie. I get excited to walk these fields every day at band rehearsal knowing that many of my friends will be there, too. I find it satisfying and beautiful to be part of a whole, whether I am one of the voices in a song, one of the dots in a formation, or one of the members of a costumed group for various occasions.”

Where are those places that have drawn us closer to each other in camaraderie and friendship and, by extension, to the love of Christ?



  1. From a former St Ed’s Gentleman – Thanks for representing St Ed’s so well and sharing your story and witness, Nico! Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank you Nico for your great Advent sharing & reflections. I lived in St. Ed’s my freshman thru junior years, 1968-1971. Many fond memories. And Go Irish Marching Band❗️☘️ Patrick ND ‘72.

  3. Thanks, Nico, for sharing. I always treasured my 4 years in St. Ed’s (before the fire). Many of us liked the chapel, not just for Sunday evening Mass, but as a place to study while lying on the carpet. Take care.

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