December 2

View from the Golden Dome

Vice President of Facilities and University Architect Doug Marsh shares the beauty of Our Lady’s view of campus in a golden memory.

“From 200 feet above the campus, one can see the divine work of all those who came before us, beginning with our founder, Fr. Edward Sorin. Although not formally trained as a designer, Fr. Sorin is genuinely Notre Dame’s first University architect. To this day, we follow his inspiring original plan for the campus, moved by his courage and vision to imagine a university that would someday grow into a place that is, indeed, a ‘powerful force for good in the world.'”

In this season of Advent, where is your sacred place that perhaps you cannot easily visit but can still inspire you and fill your heart with love for Christ and for others?



  1. That was such a wonderful testament describing the purpose, the true purpose, of Notre Dame. The description of what we are all about was simple – yet elegantly phrased – and a great reminder of how lucky we are to be associated with such an important mission.

  2. Doug, thanks for sharing. I am sure I speak for many ND alums when I say there are few buidlings or structures that bring more joy to me than the sight of the Golden Dome when I return to school.

  3. Exceptionally moving message about Norte Dame’s larger role in the world.
    Plus positive call to me to look deeper during the 2021 season of Advent
    Thank you for this gift

  4. Breathtaking. A warmth envelopes the Campus knowing that our Lady watches over all who work each day to grow closer to her Son

  5. Such a wonderful reminder during Advent to continue to build my life on the foundations of Our Lord. The Golden Dome is our worldly example of that truth

  6. I was concerned that Notre Dame was losing its’ Catholic identity. Mr. Marsh, you and this series of sacred places at the university have revived my faith in your institution. Our Blessed Mother is still in charge.

  7. A moving eloquent tribute to our Mother and the University. Thank you so much for the beautiful advent message.

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