December 18

Sacred Heart Parish Center Chapel

Make a retreat with Quinn Retzloff, senior pre-professional studies major from Dayton, Ohio, and reflect on the power of rest in Sacred Heart Parish Chapel.

“As an Anchor Intern with Campus Ministry, my ministerial work guides my spiritual life. The meaning I find at this chapel ties into my greater being as a student at Notre Dame and enables me to see my work with my fellow students as a true ministry, filling my cup to spill over unto others. It’s a space for a spiritual reset when I experience uncertainty or a place of solemnity when I feel most happy.”

So this Advent season, what are the places that fill your life with greater meaning? Where can you fill your spiritual cup to overflowing so that you may continue in service of others?



  1. Your calm presentation touched my heart! You are doing great things! God love you! Blessed Advent and Christmas.

  2. Thank you Quinn. I too am from Dayton, Ohio but reside in Elkhart and hold Notre Dame very dear. Be blessed in your sharing and care here today and everyday, as well as your studies, and have a joyous Christmas.

  3. Quinn thank you for sharing this chapel which I have never seen. Will make a point of visiting it next time on campus, and pray.

  4. Thank you Quinn for sharing this sacred space & your Advent sentiments. “Spiritual re-set” very good. Patrick ND ‘72☘️🎋

  5. Beautifully said Quinn. We are mere vessels filled by the Holy Spirit to be poured out in the service of others. God bless and have a blessed Christmas! 🙏🏻

    Kevin ‘75 🍀🌲🍀

  6. Quinn, your mom shared this with you s, and I am so grateful. You carry an amazing spirit of Christ! Thank you for being a young light in our sometimes dark world, a light that blesses us all! Please keep our children in prayer so that they, too, may seek to awaken the Spirit that yearns to bless their lives. God bless you!
    Susan Brotherman

  7. Quinn, all I can say is wow. You are the future of the church. You have brought Christ to me through your reflection. May God always bless you on your journey and thank you for sharing.

  8. Thank you for your reflection! I’ve never been in that chapel. Beautiful to see and a great place to be calm , quiet and reflect!

  9. I am curious to know exactly where this chapel is. I appreciate that there are many sacred places; bot know and Unknown to me on campus, in the world and around and in front of me daily. I shall be more AWARE of them.
    I appreciate each of You.

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