December 17

O’Neill Family Hall Lounge

Enjoy the gift of friendship with senior psychology major, Laura Larrain, in the O’Neill Family Hall lounge.

“This space is one where we would gather to hear one another’s stories of grace, share our favorite forms of prayer, and pray the rosary together. Then at night we would gather to play ping pong or foosball or watch a movie. There were so many laughs, smiles, and hugs shared in this room and it fills my heart with joy whenever these memories come to mind because I felt God’s love so fully alive in that space.”

So in this Advent season, as we consider how God sent Jesus into the world to begin intimate relationships with each one of us, where are those places we can foster loving relationships to the people God has placed in our lives?



  1. Beautiful reflection Laura and thank you for sharing this with us. It’s nice to have a space like that where you can foster loving relationships and increase your spirituality.

  2. I could elaborate, but I will keep it simple.
    Drop the mike, you nailed it.
    Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring words..

  3. These reflections are wonderful. Last year, I shared these with my granddaughter Meaghan, who was on the cusp of being accepted to Notre Dame. It was a bonding experience for both of us- to each other and to Notre Dame. It is a wonderful way to prepare for the coming of Jesus provoking both thought and emotion. Well done!

  4. Lovely reflection Laura! Thank you so much for sharing. I hope you always know what a special place ND is to go to school-enjoy your last semester and go out and do good in the world☘️! Merry Christmas:).

  5. It is human nature to avoid and minimize struggles, but your insight reminded us that they are a part of life, and that if we expect to find beauty and grace only in moments of ease, we will spend our life lamenting how little of these we experience. Thank you

  6. Laura, such a beautiful share about your experience of growing in your Faith. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful last semester on campus before you graduate in May!

  7. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Your comment about thanking God for the people he has brought into our lives to share life with us was meaningful to me. God bless you. Susan SMC ’65

  8. Beautiful reflection Laura!!! How special to have a place to share with your friends and development meaningful and spiritual relationships!!! What a blessing!☘️

  9. One of the great challenges in living and loving for me– finding the grace and miracles in Difficult Moments.
    I appreciate being reminded of the need to look for the Grace in All Moments.

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