December 15

Dooley Room in LaFortune Student Center

Join, Eric Love, Director of Staff Diversity and Inclusion and advisor for The Wabruda, as he reflects on the importance of brotherhood in his sacred space.

“Gathering as an advisor to these students in pursuit of intellectual elevation, communal interaction, and faith in God, I found a welcoming space that has in turn felt peaceful, inspiring, calming, and joyful. During our meetings, the Dooley Room often became a forum to talk about religion and spirituality, so it also became a place of contemplation and prayer for me. It reminds me that we are all connected regardless of our religious beliefs or affiliation, and that I am a small piece of a much larger puzzle.”

So in this Advent season, how can we create our own places of welcoming so that our connections with each other as members of a common human family may also strengthen our connection with God?



  1. I am so glad you are at Notre Dame Eric. Thank you for everything you do & your spirit-rich karma Patrick ND ‘72☘️🎋

  2. We are each connected to one another. This is a challenging thought I have been exposed to for decades I believe it to be true. I have seldom been exposed to it via Catholicism, yet it is part of it.
    Thank You Eric and ND for focusing and expanding this concept.
    I appreciate this very much.

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