December 14

Family Studies Lab in Corbett Family Hall

Reflect on the importance of communication within a family with junior neuroscience and behavior psychology major, Annika Knuth.

“This place is special to me because of how much I believe in the work we are doing, and I have learned so much here about effective communication and strengthening familial bonds. While the Family Studies Lab is not a religious space, it is the place where I can pursue my vocation and reflect on the beauty of individuals and their family dynamics, and how our work impacts the communities around them.”

In this season of Advent, as we think about Jesus, Mary, and Joseph forming the Holy Family, what can we do to bring peace to our families at this time of year and thereby make the world a better place?



  1. Annika and others like her are the reasons why Notre Dame is special. She touched my heart for a number of reasons. I was a freshman at Breen Phillips Hall in 1965. I am a mediator who deals with family issues and I mediate special education cases. Knowing that Annika will continue to work with people in need makes know that they will get the help they need. Please forward this note to Annika as I hope she will respond to me via email.

  2. You are doing wonderful work and I pray that you will continue to be successful. Helping families with members who are developmentally disabled is just so important and so missed in this world. God love you.

  3. I spent my freshman year 1957-1958 in Bremen-Phillips Hall and after raising 3 children with my wife I can tell you first hand how important the family community is. My position took me away many times and my wife was left with the responsibility. She considered this responsibility important enough that she didn’t have a full time job other than raising our children. Couples don’t have this luxury today as both mothers and fathers must work and this makes it so important today that what Annika provides is a blessing for families today.

  4. Annika, What a great vocation you have. I pray for your continued success. God bless you and the families you touch.

  5. Annika
    I am the mom of an adult son with significant developmental delays and no speech. After my sons diagnosis my pediatrician told me we would encounter many struggles along the way but my most important job as his parent was to unconditionally love him. He was diagnosed to survive only through his teen years but today he is 35 and in fairly good health By following the wise advice the doctor gave us and daily turning to our Lord I have learned the power of unconditional love. Bless you for the wonderful work you are performing

  6. Annika,
    Thank you for sharing your heart and your spirit. Notre Dame is blessed by how you choose to share the person that I know, love, and am forever amazed by.
    Auntie Kar

  7. Annika,
    Your beautiful comment reveals your
    Character and deep spirituality. God bless your family and other teachers all through your very blessed years. You need

  8. As almost all of us know, communication is central and key to “successful” relationships.
    “mental health” is still a much forgotten/neglected aspect of all of our lives.
    Thank you Anna and all on your similar path.
    I have my way of assisting the offspring of my parents 14 children, about 100. Communication is something I am always endeavoring to improve.

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