December 13

Melissa Cook Stadium

Visit Melissa Cook Stadium with head softball coach Deanna Gumpf to contemplate how we can embrace the sacred during life’s ups and downs.

“I am at Melissa Cook Stadium on the very best days and the very hardest days of my life. But every day I come into work, I remember that this stadium stands for something more than just the game of softball. It was named for Melissa Cook, a 1994 Notre Dame graduate who tragically lost her life in an accident in 2002. When I am here, I can feel Melissa’s fighting spirit, and I am reminded to never take life for granted.”

In this season of Advent, how can we create set-apart, intimate places where we will have the most sacred experiences of our lives?



  1. Thank you, Deanna, for honoring Melissa Cook. In today’s world it’s so easy to forget the person behind the name. Her spirit does indeed live on in that stadium. God bless you.

  2. Thanks Coach for your sharing & heartfelt sentiments. What a beautiful Stadium❗️☘️ Patrick ND ‘72.

  3. Competition and mindset. All of this and more provided by this stadium and those that pass through and inhabit it.

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