December 12

Flag Pole on South Quad

Junior ND Navy ROTC student Chris Escamilla invites us to consider how each of us can answer God’s call for our lives.

“Right here in the center of campus, the American flag flies high, representing the country I love and am on the path toward serving as a Marine Corps officer. Every time I pass by this giant flag, I am reminded of this path, and am at once humbled and honored. This is especially true when I am in uniform, or on a day like 9-11, when you can really feel what the flag represents.”

As we contemplate the many blessings made possible by the miracle of Christmas, how can we better take stock of those gifts in our lives and use them to answer God’s call for each of us?



  1. Thank you for those inspiring words, Chris! May God and His Mother always bless you as you serve our nation!
    1969 NROTC graduate

  2. What an awesome reflection Chris! Even though I don’t know you personally I am so proud that you are representing our country! God has BIG plans for you! Thank you for sharing your talents through service towards others !

  3. Such a lovely reflection, Chris! Sending Christmas wishes to you from a fellow Knott Hall Midshipman. Peace, my friend.

  4. Chris… as a ’69ND and NROTC grad I am so proud of you and the other women and men who continue the long line of IRISH commitments who live and serve ” God Country and Notre Dame”. Best wishes for continued success!!

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