December 11

Memorial Statue at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart

Join O. Carter Snead, Director of the de Nicola Center for Ethics and Culture and Professor of Law, as he reflects on the sanctity of life.

“Here at this statue, I offer a Hail Mary, meditate on the Blessed Mother’s constant and undying love and care for all, and pray for all the lives remembered here and those impacted by this loss. I resolve again to try to practice the radical hospitality, openness, and self-emptying love that Mary models for us to every member of the human family.”

As we prepare to welcome the Christ Child into our hearts, how might we also be open to welcoming life even in times of uncertainty and crisis, to shower the world with God’s love?



  1. Thank you for this beautiful reflection and your respect for God’s most precious gift, life. May God bless you.

  2. Thank you for this lovely reflection. I always enjoy reading your columns in The Washington Post:). May you be blessed to continue this important mission at ND. So many Catholic schools have lost this mission sadly….

  3. Thanks very much for these most interesting and inspiration message about the Sacred Places at ND.
    I look forward to accessing them every day.

  4. However, the government should not control a woman’s body – it should be a decision made by the woman and loved ones around her.

  5. I’m all for supporting the unborn, but the government should not be involved. The mother, her doctor, and her family should make the decision.

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