December 10

St. Mary’s Road

Walk St. Mary’s Road in peaceful tranquility with Angela Ly, a junior pre-professional studies and theology major.

“In this part of campus, St. Mary’s Road feels tucked away and concealed from public sight. When I came here for the first time, this remote quality felt special to me, and I began to come here to escape for solitude and reflection. I often walk the road, but I especially enjoy biking it, seeing the sunlight shine through the trees and feeling the breeze on my face.”

As we celebrate the coming of Christ into a world of God’s own creation, how can we better recognize the beauty of the home he has given us, one of his most tremendous gifts, and answer his call to be good stewards of the earth?



  1. Angela, great choice of a sacred place. Fifty years ago I walked that path every day, every season. Now, I get to walk it once or twice a year whenever I return to campus. It is special, quiet and beautiful- in all seasons.

  2. Thank you, Angela for sharing your thoughts. I felt like I was there and taking in all the beauty of your sacred place. God bless you on your journeys.

  3. Good Morning and Thank you, Angela! Your reflection mirrors my own. I am touched at the way you articulated what is in your heart. God love you, Blessed Advent and Christmas!

  4. I loved this video and reflection about what is also my favorite place on campus – it still feels “open.” You can breathe. And think.
    Thanks for doing it, Angela.

  5. A beautiful and thoughtful reflection on a subject all of us need to place more focus.
    Thank you for taking us on a walk with you to instill more appreciation of God’s great gift of nature.

  6. The beauty of our earth is reflection of our love for God and nature. Thank you for sharing your pictures and words to share faith and and beauty.

  7. Having lived in Holy Cross Hall, I spent many Saturdays walking this road, visiting the cemetery, and walking along the lake shores. These spots and the grotto are the places I most enjoy returning to. Our Hall is no longer there but on every visit I return to the corner room location where I was fortunate enough to spend three years. Love thee, Notre Dame.

  8. A beautiful reflection and insights. We are all connected to nature and the earth, so much more than we realize (or at least act at times.) Thank you for sharing this. P.S. I was a resident of Farley Hall from 82-86 – the best dorm EVER! 🙂

  9. Yes. Such a marriage of nature and self that this road provides. And also, the entrance to Holy Cross religious’ resting site. The roots of the trees, the roots of our vocations, together.

  10. As a SMC alum, I appreciate your beautiful reflections of the special place where I spent time, nearly 50 years ago, as an undergrad. I was especially touched by your spiritual observations and thoughts you shared about the beauty of the nature found here. God Bless you.

  11. I do agree with Maria who stated above that “the beauty of our earth is a reflection of our love for nature and God”. No matter where we find our own peace we are witnesses to the wonders and beauty of the Lords masterpiece. Blessings on your journeys.

  12. I was a Holy Cross Hall resident (when it was there) and this was a walk we had many times. I love your choice of sacred places as this is one of mine too.

  13. Angela, this brought back great memories. Firty nine years ago I started making that trek from ND to SMC with the girl who would eventually become my partner for life. We made that walk on foot and bike. We have now been married 57 years. It will always be a special place in our lives.

  14. My memory of this is as the Connecting road from ND to SMC and vice versa. Many walks/bus rides to and fro.
    Walking back at 2 a.m. I did not think of it as sacred then, yet cherished, sacred and appreciated now!
    Sparks many memories.

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